At Verlein, we have a commitment to sustainable business practices which influences each decision made, from design concept to material sourcing to production and delivery. We’re dedicated to an ethical operating approach that improves both our environmental and social impact.

This commitment is reflected in our choices throughout the supply chain, including materials and packaging. At Verlein we carefully source our leather from Italian tanneries who are committed to environmental stewardship. Our leather suppliers have achieved the Leather Working Group Gold Award and the Der Blaue Engel Certification. Each of these distinguished accolades relates directly to the sustainable manufacturing standards and social responsibility ideals that Verlein values.

At Verlein we are committed to working only with high-quality European leather workshops. This means our product manufacturing partners adhere to EU standards on the workplace, which cover health and safety at work, equal opportunities for men and women, protection against discrimination and child-labour practices, and strong labour laws.  

In addition to ethical sourcing and production, our packaging reflects our sustainable practices by eliminating plastic and utilizing recyclable or biodegradable materials.  We continue to work to shorten our supply chains in this area.  

We are also pleased to offer our customers DHL Go-Green shipping service at no extra cost, offsetting shipping-related greenhouse gas emissions through DHL's investments in internationally recognized climate protection projects.  You can read more about DHL's environmental projects here.  

We believe that sustainability is not a luxury, it is something that should automatically be considered as standard practice. At Verlein, we’re proud to boast a culture of economic vitality that promotes healthy communities, employees, and natural environments.